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Flat Roof Specialists

There are three types of deck boards used by our company:

Plastics for Guttering & Downpipes

ELC roofing Ipswich uses a range of plastic materials most commonly for replacing or repairing fascia guttering or soffits. We also work with plastic roofing tiles which you can view in our gallery.






Specialist Metal Roofs

Our team specialises in one of a kind metal roofs, we work with lead copper and zinc. Here at ELC we provide services including chimney flashings, zinc roofs and copper roofs.

Lightweight Tiles

The range of tiles that we supply range from felt roofing to slate and for many of our clients we have supplied lightweight tiles. For more traditional roofs repairs or for new roofs we also work with man made tiles made from clay or concrete.

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Flat and Felt Roofs Portfolio

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