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Roofing Repairs by ELC Roofing

Lead Roofing in Ipswich

Lead is a strong and durable material. At ELC Roofing our tradesmen are fully skilled in bossing and lead burning (welding), and our high quality work will guarantee you an aesthetically pleasing and highly durable roof.




Zinc & Copper Roof Repairs

Zinc and copper have been used in the construction industry for many years, and have proven to be a product that can be expected to last, assuming correct installation, in excess of twenty years.

Benefits of choosing copper and zinc

  • Traditional Material
  • ?versatile
  • Long lasting
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • High resistance to corrosion

Copper Roof Repairs

Here at ELC Ipswich we offer copper roofing services and repairs for all different types of properties, using long strip and traditional copper sheet roof covering. ?Call us today on 07956 677 678 to find out more about the range of copper roof services we offer.

Zinc Roofing Repairs

Zinc roofing, repairs and wall cladding using pre-weathered zinc material are available in all kinds of colours. All Zinc is generally pre-fabricated and then taken to site for installation.

Our skilled tradesmen are experienced with lead dormers, gullies, lead flat roofs, front aprons, back gutters, cladding, capping, flashings, valleys, bell towers, spires and welding.

Flat Roofs

Our team in Ipswich specialises in flat roofing including: rubberboard / rubber membrane and felt roofing.

Our team use their expertise and works will high quality materials to provide you with a new flat roof that should last over 15 years to avoid any repairs in the near future.

flat felt roofing

Felt Roofing

For our customers in Ipswich with garages, sheds and other roofs that are starting to shows signs of erosion we provide a reliable repair service for felt roofs.

Fascias & Soffits

The Ipswich team has many fascias & soffit fitters which can provide you a quick and high quality service for fascia replacements, gutter soffits and fascias and soffits fittings.

The uPVC soffits and fascias we supply are extremely low maintenance and come in a wide range of styles and designs.



This weather resistant roofing option is a standing seam roofing application that we supply when a building needs to be durable and to be long lasting against the elements.

The rigidal roof sheeting that we work with come in aluminium or steel and can be made to order in any width from 240mm to 580mm.

Slate & Tile Roofs

We can supply you with a tile and slate roof from start to finish. Our Ipswich team can carry out the installation and construction of the roof and can also fit the insulation one completed.

A new roof can take from 2-3 days to 1 month depending on your property and roof design

Chimney Repairs

We work closely with a few very experienced local builders, making our brickwork second to none.

So no matter whether a small repair to your chimney or a full re-build, we provide an exceptional service, so our customers are assured they are in good hands. See recent roof work.


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Roofing Repair Services

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