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We have been fitting new flat for over 12 years. As you can imagine, we've seen nearly every type of flat roof in Ipswich, from installation until the end of its shelf live.

So if you’re looking for some sound advice not sales patter, on which is the best flat roof you have just found the right company.




Three layer torch-on system

We use a three layer torch-on system (ICOPAL Lasergold mineral) for all felting work and repairs we carry out. This is guaranteed for 15 to 20 years and are insurance backed.

Felt is laid in three layers to maximise durability. ICOPAL Lasergold has a specification range with a life expectancy of up to 20 years using high tensile polyester re-enforcements with low melt SBS bitumen modifications.

flat roofLow prices, longer roof lifespan

Benefit with using felt for your flat roof is the price. You can opt to have the cheapest felt for the three layers, however this obviously will not have the life-span of the more expensive materials.

Felt comes in a variety of widths and colours including green, red, grey, white and blue/purple.

All products we use are subject to complete site inspections after installation to ascertain job quality.

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